I.    ELIGIBILITY:  The Navy Golf League, Corona (NGLC) shall be open to NSWC Corona and support contract employees, families, and their guests.


II.   GOVERNING BODY:  A Board of Directors consisting of the following will govern the Navy Golf League:


      a.  President                                           Bob Suey (Acting)      x35172            FT21


      b.  Secretary/Treasurer                          Rey Chessman           x34752            MS41


      c.  Handicapping Chairperson                Steve Shepherd          x34884            CS11


      d.  Tournament Chairperson                  Sean Lamoreaux        x35428            CS24  


      e.  Rules Chairperson                             Joe Trunko                  x34949            QA00




President ‑ The president shall be elected by the League members annually and shall serve a one-year term.  The president shall, during the term of office, be generally responsible for the conduct of League business including financial affairs.


Secretary/Treasurer ‑ The secretary/treasurer will be appointed by the president and will be responsible for maintaining the League correspondence and business files.  Also, the secretary/treasurer will be the person in charge of the League financial accounts.


Handicapping Chairperson ‑ The handicapping chairperson will be appointed by the president and will be responsible for proper application of the League handicapping system.


Tournament Chairperson ‑ The tournament chairperson will be appointed by the president and will be responsible for conduct of League tournaments during the term of office.


Rules Chairperson ‑ The rules chairperson will be appointed by the president and will be responsible for all golf rule decisions put to the Board of Directors by the League membership.


IV.  NGLC LEAGUE RULES:  League play will be in accordance Appendix A.


V.   NGLC LEAGUE HANDICAP SYSTEM:  A handicap index must be computed prior to beginning league play.  The handicap index is converted to a course handicap for use in league play.  All handicapping is done by use of software purchased by the league and administered by the league Handicapping Chairperson.  Handicap information (index and handicap based on nine hole round) will be updated throughout the season (revised and posted weekly) and provided with the weekly schedule/score updates.  Appendix B provides the procedure for establishing a handicap.



        a.    The League will employ a modified match play system.


1.  Determining the Match Opponents


The two players on opposing teams with the lower handicaps (or index) shall play against each other with strokes given as a result of the nine-hole handicap differential.  For example:  If Team 1 "A" player has a 6 handicap and Team 2 "A" player has an 9 handicap, the handicap differential is 3. Therefore, Team 1 "A" player will give 3 strokes to Team 2 "A" player.  Similar consideration is given to the two players with the higher handicaps (index). 


2.  Playing the Match


Competition will be in accordance with USGA rules for match play, with any exceptions noted herein.


In match play, the game is played by holes.  A hole is won by the player that holes her/his ball in fewer strokes.  (In our handicapped matches, the lower net score wins the hole.)


The reckoning of holes is kept by the terms:  so many “holes up”, or “all square,” and so many “to play.”  A player is “dormie” when she/he is as many holes up as there are holes remaining to be played.


A hole is halved if each player (of a match) holes out in the same number of net strokes.


Should a match be determined prior to the completion of 9 holes, and a player does not complete the remaining holes, a mostly likely score (par score plus handicap stokes for the hole, prefixed by X) (See Appendix A, 5.g, Finishing the Hole) shall be entered on the scorecard for handicapping purposes.


        b.    The scoring system is based on the match play system.


1.  Player Scoring


Each player winning their match will be awarded 2 points.


In the event of a tie match (players all square after completion of play), each player will be awarded 1 point.


No points will be awarded to player losing match.


2.  Team Scoring


The team score for the match will be the combined score of both players.


No medal/bonus points will be awarded.






Points Awarded

Team 1



Player A

Wins match 2 up


Player B

Ties match



Total Score for Team 1





Team 2



Player A

Loses match


Player B

Ties match



Total Score for Team 2



        c.   Team scores and player index/handicaps will be distributed weekly.


        d.   Score cards should be filled out with Flight Number, Team Numbers, Player Names, Handicaps, Match Scores, and Hole Scores, Date of Match, Scorer Signature, and Attesting Signature.  A link to a tutorial is available on the NSWC Corona Intranet.  A score box is normally available at the course for completed score cards.  In the event the score box is not available, the completed score cards should be turned in to the handicapping chairperson.


VII.  NGLC LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY-OFFS:  NGLC League Championship will be in accordance with Appendix C. 


Additional competitions (e.g., match play, skins) may also available throughout the season and will be announced at the time of league sign-ups.



1.   DUES:  NGLC League dues are $20 per team member for the season of play, regardless when during the season a team member is added.  The purpose of league dues is to provide funds for the purchase of prizes and other expenses associated with the conduct of the league as approved by the Board of Directors.  Submission of dues is required prior to commencement of league play and should be submitted by the team captain to the League Secretary/Treasurer.


2.   TEAM/FLIGHTS/INDEX (HANDICAPS):  Teams are formed by the mutual agreement of its members.  Teams are limited to 5 players.  Team placement in Flights is determined each year by the League President using the following general guidelines:

§  Team member indexes are averaged to determine flight placement;

§  Member indexes are determined from the most recent league data;

All established players (players who participate in our golf league) will use current NGLC league index (handicap) for regular league play at Jurupa Hills C.C.  New members must have four attested nine‑hole scores or a current SCGA/SCPLGA index turned into the League Handicapping Chairperson prior to having a league index.  Scorecards must be turned in for index and scoring purposes as described by league rules.


3.   SCHEDULE:  Team play will be at Jurupa Hills C.C. on Tuesdays after 3:30 PM.  Team competition will take place in accordance with the published schedule.  Flight listings, team information with index/handicaps, and team scoring is included on the schedule.


a.   Opponents should be informed as early as possible when a scheduled match must be rescheduled. 


b.   Make-up Matches:  Teams are encouraged to keep make‑up matches to a minimum.  A scorecard being used on a "card‑match" make‑up shall be limited to a single make‑up match; i.e., no single score card can be used for more than two matches:

(1) The match being played head-to-head, and

(2) One make‑up match.


c.   Forfeited Matches:

(1)  Matches will be forfeited when one team fails to appear within 20 minutes of agreed time for the match and fails to notify the opposing team that the match will not take place.

(2)  Both teams must notify the League President when a forfeiture occurs.

 (3) The team benefiting from a forfeited match must play the scheduled nine and will be awarded 4 match points.


d.   All clarifying information should be clearly indicated on scorecard (make‑up games, forfeitures, etc.)


4.   PLAY:  All play will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf (Match Play) as approved by the USGA, with the exception to the following:


a.   Out‑of‑bounds:  Ball lying beyond white stakes or boundary fences is out‑of‑bounds.  If a ball is hit out‑of‑bounds, the player may either:

(1) USGA Rule: Drop (or re-tee from the tee box) and hit another ball from the spot the ball was previously played.  Penalty ‑ one penalty stroke and distance; or

(2) NGLC League Exception: Drop a ball within two club lengths of where the ball crossed the out‑of‑bounds boundary line and continue play.  Penalty ‑ two strokes.


            Example:  You hit your tee shot OB.  You may either re‑tee your ball in accordance with rule (1) above and are hitting your third shot; or, you may drop your ball at the point it went OB in accordance with rule (2) above and you will be hitting your fourth shot.


  1. Lost Ball:  Ball that is likely inbounds but cannot be located within five minutes.  A player may either:

(1)  USGA Rule:  Drop (or re-tee from the tee box) and hit another ball from the spot the ball was previously played.  Penalty – one penalty stroke and distance; or

(2)  NGLC League Exception:  Drop a ball within two club lengths of where the ball was last seen and continue play.  Penalty – two strokes.


c.   Water Hazards:  All water hazards are to be played by the Rules of Golf unless course rules provide exceptions.  Exceptions are either posted in the clubhouse or printed on the course scorecard.


d.   Tees:  Men will play from the Blue tees; women and juniors will play from the Red tees.  For competitors playing from different sets of tees, no stroke adjustment is made during league or tournament play at Jurupa Hills C.C.  Adjustments may be allowed by the Tournament Chairperson based on course ratings at other courses during tournament play.

(1) Teeing honors go to the team that had the low gross score on the previous hole.  First tee honors will be determined by coin or tee flip.

(2) Women/junior playing will tee off from red tee after men have played from blue tees (for safety).


e.   Women's/Junior’s Par:  Hole 11 at Jurupa Hills C.C. has a different par for the men and women/juniors.  The winner of this hole for a man vs. woman/junior match is the closest net score to their respective par. 


Example:  A woman/junior with a net bogey (6) and a man with a net bogey (5) would result in a tie for the hole.


f.    Cart Paths:  Roads and cart paths are not considered as part of the course; drop at nearest point of relief no nearer the hole - no penalty.


g.   Finishing the Hole:  Players should complete the hole (hole out), if possible, without impeding the pace of play.  However, the league is match play and conceding holes is allowed, and even encouraged, to help the pace of play.  If a player picks up her/his ball and does not complete the hole, the player concedes the hole and eligibility for the weekly low net.


If a player starts but does not complete a hole, the player shall record for handicap purposes the score they most likely would have made.  The most likely score consists of the number of strokes already taken plus, in the player’s best judgment, the number of strokes that the player would need to complete the hole from that position more than half the time.  An “X” should precede this most likely score.  The player’s score will count for handicap purposes or other league hole-by-hole competitions such as best round, skins, etc. not effected by gross stroke scoring.


h.   Spike Marks:  Spike marks may be repaired.


i.    Slow Play:  Golfers should play without undue delay.  The following guidelines are established by the league to assist in maintaining the pace of play: 

(1) If playing your ball will not disturb a fellow golfer, go ahead and play as soon as it is clear to hit.  There is no need for players on opposite sides of the fairway to wait for each other to play if hitting simultaneously will speed play.

(2) Keep practice swings to a minimum and be ready to hit when it is your turn.

(3) Keep time spent hunting for lost balls to a minimum. (5 minutes max.). If you delay the following foursome, wave them through.

(4) Repair ball marks on the green and line up putts while others are hitting if doing so will not disturb player hitting ball.

(5) Putt out if possible.

(6) Advice between team members should be kept to a minimum during the play of a hole.

(7) Fill out your scorecard on the following tee box.


j.    Questions regarding rules or other golf league matters should be referred to the League President.


5.   MATCH PLAY:  All matches will be played utilizing four players (see paragraph a. below) playing head-to-head on the scheduled nine on the same night.  Play shall commence with hole No. 1 or No. 10 as scheduled, and continue in sequence.  Matches beginning on any other hole will result in forfeiture of the match by both teams.  League scheduled matches take priority over a make-up match.


a.   If a team cannot field two players, a single team player may play both matches.  However, for league playoffs, contending teams must field two players meeting the participation requirements of Appendix C.


b.   Darkness may interfere with completion of matches.  Teams may mutually agree to complete matches on next day or earliest convenience, however, the teams must still turn in the incomplete score card with darkness noted and the scheduled completion time of the match prior to leaving the course to prevent a par round being entered for index calculations.


c.   During a team match, if a question of a league rule or USGA rule arises, the player involved will play the original ball as it lies and then play a provisional ball until holed out.  Following the match, the League Rules Committee will make a ruling.


6.   SCORECARDS:  All scorecards shall be completed prior to leaving the golf course.  All league members are required to turn in their scorecards regardless if you are playing a match or not.  Unattested scores will be entered for handicap purposes.  Failure to turn in your scorecards the day of play, which will be verified against the sign-in sheet, will result in a par round being entered in for your index calculations.  The par round will stand at the discretion of the President and the Handicap Chairperson.  No points will be credited to either team until the Handicapping Chairperson has secured the scorecard.  A drop box will be provided at the course to prevent anyone from not knowing where to leave their cards. 


Note:  Scores are now adjusted, for handicapping purposes, by the handicapping computer software.  It is no longer necessary to record your adjusted score on your scorecard.


Assure the following information is on the scorecard:


1.  List Flight and Team Numbers.

2.  Use first initial plus the last name of each player.

3.  Indicate Team number and points earned.

4.  Indicate original schedule date of any make-up match in the upper right hand corner of card.

5.  Assure that women/junior net score is adjusted by one stroke for the back nine.

6.  Verify closest to par on back nine for woman/junior vs. man match.


7.   WEEKLY PRIZES:  An individual low net (attested scoring) prize will be awarded each week of regular play in each flight.


a.   To be eligible, player must play on designated League night and course designated for the assigned flight.


b.   Players having a bye or no match must play on League night and on the designated nine to qualify for the low net prize.


c.   Women/Juniors will receive a 1-stroke adjustment to their back nine net scores for the individual low net prize since par is 36 for women/juniors and only 35 for men.




a.   Establishing an Index.  A minimum of 36 holes must be submitted prior to a player being issued a handicap index.  A player may submit their current SCGA/SCPLGA index to be utilized until a NGLC index has been established.  Scores from the previous season will be used to establish a starting index for the current season.  The index will be based on the lowest ten of the most recent twenty 9-hole scores.  The maximum allowable league handicap will be 30.  (League handicap is the 9-hole handicap established for league play.)


b.   Adjusted Scores.  The index will be computed from adjusted scores.  USGA guidelines regarding Equitable Stroke Control will be used to adjust scores.


c.   Course Handicap.  A player does not play off her/his NGLC Handicap Index.  Rather, the index (9 hole) must be converted to a Course Handicap by means of a slope-rating table posted at the golf course or provided by the league for the course being played.


d.   League Handicapping.  For the purposes of league play, indexes and handicaps (for 9 hole rounds) will be computed by the league handicapping chairperson and provided to the league as part of the schedule/score sheet.  All index and handicapping for the league will be accomplished using USGA approved handicapping software purchased by the league for that purpose.  All matches shall be played using the most currently issued index/handicap results, unless otherwise specified.


Any questions regarding the methods used to determine index/handicaps should be directed to the league handicapping chairperson. 


e.   Tournament Handicapping.  For league 18-hole tournament play, the league index will be doubled.  Handicap will be determined from course slope index rating.


f.    Maximum Allowable Score On Any Hole.  Your score for each round shall be adjusted according to the following table.  The course handicap is your 9-hole handicap for the course being played.


Course Handicap

Maximum Number On Any Hole

4 or less

Double Bogey

5 through 9


10 through 14


15 through 19


20 or more



Note:  Scores are now adjusted, for handicapping purposes, by the handicapping computer software.


Course handicap for league play (Jurupa Hills C.C.) will be provided as part of the schedule/score sheet updates.

Every year the league conducts a championship play‑off at the end of the regular season to determine the overall championship team.


There will be a first half and second half winner for each flight.  In case of a tie within the half, a 9-hole playoff match will be played to determine the winner.  The first half winner will play the second half winner to determine the flight champion.  They will play an 18-hole match.


To be eligible to play in the flight championship, a team member must have played in at least 2 matches in the half in which her/his team won. 


To be eligible to play in the semi-finals or league championship, a team member must have competed in at least 5 matches during the entire season. 


Matches counted towards playoff eligibility must be live body matches.  A card match make-up does not count as one of these matches. 


Blinds are not allowed during any of the flight or league championship playoffs.


If your team exceeds 4 golfers, the league reserves the right to purchase trophies for only the team members that qualify for the playoffs.


The scoring system to be used during the play‑offs will be match play, 2 points per pairing, for a total of 4 points, exactly like regular league play. 


To determine the overall league champions, the first flight champion will play the third flight champion, and the second flight champion will play the fourth flight champion.  The winners of these two matches will then compete for the league championship.  Each match will be an 18-hole match.


In the event of a tie in any playoff match, it shall be settled in the following manner:  The teams shall continue "sudden death" match play beginning on the first hole played in the match.  As soon as a team has an advantage in points, on completion of a hole, the match is over.


All first half matches must be completed by the Midseason Tournament.  Any exceptions must be approved by the league president prior to the deadlines specified.  If a match is not played, the team that cannot play will forfeit their match or if both teams are at fault, both teams will forfeit.



9 March 2007                 Captain’s Cup Tournament

20 March 2007               1st half league play begins

22 June 2007                 1st half league play ends

22 June 2007                 Mid-Season Tournament

3 July 2007                    2nd half league play begins

2 October 2007             2nd half league play ends

9 October 2007             Flight Championships (18 holes)

16 October 2007           Semi-Finals (18 holes) (1st vs. 3rd) (2nd vs. 4th)

23 October 2007           League Championship (18 holes)

2 or 9 November 2007  End of Season Tournament and Banquet